ACC - Activated Calcium Carbonate for Rubber, Plastic, paper, paint and printing ink


For providing strength to any product the “ Activated Calcium Carbonate” is one of the most used form of Calcium Carbonate used for different purposes making it such a different material.

Calcium Carbonate is prepared by a different processing aid and that’s how it is activated where base material is Calcium Carbonate. Activated Calcium Carbonate is used for Rubber,Plastic, Paper, Paint Printing Ink etc.

North America , United States ,Canada ,Mexico ,Asia-Pacific ,ChinaAnd India are some of the regions where Activated Calcium Carbonate Consumption is largest.

Main window of the application:

Activated calcium carbonate is widely used as a filler in the making of rubber, plastic, paper, paint, printing ink etc.

Packaging: 25kgs complex paper bag.
Storage: Keep in a closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place.
Shelf life: At least 2 years when stored in closed containers under the conditions mentioned above.

Product Details:

Product Name Activated Calcium Carbonate
Item Spacification
CaCo3 ( dry basis)% 96 min
PH 8 - 11
Insoluble Matter in Hydrocloric Acid % 0.1 max
Moisture % 0.3 max
Bulk Density, g/ml 0.55 - 0.60
Specific Area cm2/g 45000 - 500000
Resolution Value, ml/g 2.0 min
Top Cut (D98) 9.50 max
Average Grain (D50) 2.5 - 3.5
Fe % 0.1 max
MN % 0.008 max
Residues 0.01 max
Whitness 97 min
Absorption Oil Number(DOP) ml/ 100g 45 max
Activation % 95 min
Appearance White Powder

Calcite Mineral for Plastics

1. Better flow and strenght in PVC Pipe
2. Better loading in PVC Compounding and master batches.
3. Low choking due to fine particle size.
4. Increased output due to uniform coating.

High Opacity Calcite for Paints

We offer calcite powder, which provides a greater covering strength, thus increasing the performance of high opacity paints, oil synthetic and other coatings. The excellent whiteness of our carbonates avoid interference with the paints colours and contribute to their opacity and that the paint will cover, without dripping, the surfaces.


1. A Plastic industry
2. Pharmaceuticals
3. Rubber industry
4. Cosmetics
5. Paints
6. Printing ink
7. Sealants and mastics


1.Highly effective
2. Precisely formulated
3. Accurate composition

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