Coated Calcite / Limestone : Calcite Manufacturer In India


Calcium Carbonate ★ Coated Calcite Powder (CaCO3) Playing a vital role in this dynamic industrial economy because of its skillfulness, accessibility and traceability.

Derived from the cal veins in Udaipur ( Rajasthan ) , Mewar Microns offer pure Calcium Carbonate & Coated Calcite.

The Mewar Microns is known for its finest quality Calcite Powder and that’s why Mewar Microns is one of the best calcite manufacturers in India because of its chemical purity , outstanding brightness , and controlled particle size distribution. Available in a wide range of micron sizes. The particle structure is spherical and microcrystalline.

We provide perfect particle size distribution for confirming better physical properties and high dispersion in various polymers/plastic application.

RPVCA piper,PP,HDPE,LDPE,ABS,Epoxy,PS and other polymer based compounds are some of the examples where our Micronized & Coated Calcite Powder is playing its role as a Functional Filler/Additive.

Covering mostly all the parts of Continent we have positioned ourselves as one of the main Cal Rock Exporters and Suppliers in Asian region. Cal is found significantly in the rocks of Southern Aravalli and Ajabgarh series in Rajasthan , India. . Calcium additionally happens as carbonate tufa, travertine, stalactite, and cylinder.

Micronized Calcite Powder
CaCo3: 90 to 98% min, SiO2 : 0.5 to 2.0% max., MgO: 1.0% max.

Colour: Super snow white (Free from dirt & black grit)

Whiteness: 96.% to 99.0% (gloss reflectometer)

Brightness: 95% to 98.0%

Particle size: Available from 30 to 2 Microns.

Oil absorption: 18 to 23 (depending upon particle size)

Bulk density: From 0.40 to 1.2 gms/lt. As per particle size

Specific Gravity: 2.7

Total carbonate: Up to 99%

Free Silica: Below 1%

Moisture:0.2% Max

Calcite Mineral for Plastics

1. Better flow and strength in PVC Pipe
2. Better loading in PVC Compounding and masterbatches.
3. Low choking due to excellent particle size.
4. Increased output due to a uniform coating.

High Opacity Calcite for Paints

We offer coated calcite powder, which provides a greater covering strength, thus increasing the performance of high opacity paints, oil synthetic and other coatings. The excellent whiteness of our carbonates avoid interference with the paints colours and contribute to their opacity and that the paint will cover, without dripping, the surfaces.

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