As a knowledge-based company, Mewar Microns Minerals has always included R&D capabilities in our operations. Each application is analyzed based on raw material characteristics and product quality requirements before the optimum technology is selected.

We have a competent team of R&D personnel who can understand the customer's needs, thereby enabling us to not only recommend the right product to our customers, but to also produce tailor made products, if required. We are always keen to interact with our customers to produce better products for them progressively.

Our laboratories are well equipped for various aspects of powder characterization. Powder properties are measured regularly depending upon the parameters required by our customers like the oil absorption,water absorption,bulk density,the flow point,plasticity,caco3,sio2 contents,specific gravity,etc.

Our TALC and CALCITE is regularly analyzed for elements which are of importance to our customers. Whiteness, which is a very important criterion for most of our customers, is controlled regularly. PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTION ANALYSISis done in-house on ultra-modern equipment.

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